Below are some of the benefits of delivering games for your audience.


Games are a great way for brands to activate their sponsorships of major sporting events.  The game experience has well-defined boundaries and is a property that a sponsor can “own”.  Games provide a database capture engine for Print, TV and In-Venue media buys.  For example, the TV advertisement that says “Go to to enter Budweiser NFL Live and Win a trip to the Super Bowl!”   The always-on nature of games ensures that the sponsor remains top of mind with the audience throughout the event.

Brand Loyalty

Games are built around the unique content you deliver to your audience, and deliver brand loyalty through exposure…giving the audience another reason to engage and spend time with you.

Build Your Database

Games provide a proven way to build your database, augment the information you collect about your audience, and provide users the opportunity to share information with brands.

Renewable Engagement

Social games can be geared around annual events and seasons.  Games become renewable activities that you can activate year in, year out…allowing you to continue to reap the benefits over time and reinforce the brand message.


Your audience shares a common passion, and games give them another opportunity to share and enjoy that passion with one another.  Whether individuals compete against their peers, family, celebrity talent or the entire audience, games deliver community for your audience around the content of your choosing.

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