Platform – Game Formats

The following is a list of our standard supported game formats:

All games support flexible scoring and game-play design, and can be modified to support the unique game experience you want to deliver for your audience.

More information about each of the game formats is provided below.

Pick ‘Em

The objective of Pick ‘Em games is to correctly answer either/or, yes/no questions. This format is very well-suited to picking the winner of match-ups and is a popular, well-understood game format for audiences.

Pick 'Em Interface

Optionally, a “confidence” feature can be added to Pick ‘Em games, allowing participants to sort their picks by confidence level and introducing an added level of strategy into the game.

Challenge or “Fantasy-Lite”

There are many variations of this game, but the general concept of Challenge games is that players earn points based on the performance of selected players.

Challenge Interface

Challenge games have a quicker learning curve for your audience and are easier to play than pure fantasy games but still require research, strategy and knowledge to succeed.


Showdown games are similar to Pick ‘Em games, but are focused on proposition questions that happen during the game / event.  The questions are typically focused on fantasy statistics rather than the outcome of a match-up and will have two or more options.

Showdown Interface

Again, like the Pick ‘Em format, Showdown games provide an approachable and understandable game format for audiences.  This format works well for Award Shows (like the Oscars) and reality TV ( like Survivor or The Bachelor) as well.

Streak / Survivor

The objective of a streak or survivor game is to last as long as possible based on elimination criteria (ie: until you get an answer or match-up wrong).

Streak / Survivor Interface

Streak games can last for long periods of time (i.e. all year round or a full sports season) and allow users to opt-in and join at their convenience.  As soon as one streak ends, the player can begin another.  This ensures that players are never out of the running.


The objective of trivia games is to answer trivia questions accurately as quickly as possible.  Bonus points are awarded for responding quickly.

Trivia Interface


Trivia is a well-known winner with sports fans and is proven to be engaging, addictive and educational.  Most participants will try playing several games in one session to post top scores.


Similar to trivia, skill games engage participants to challenge themselves and compete against others for top scores.


Game formats can be customized to meet your activation requirements and plugged into the PlayAction Platform to take advantage of our system’s community features.  Learn more about our game capabilities here.

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