Platform – Capabilities

The following is a list of Platform capabilities supporting game-play.  These capabilities are designed with the objectives of maximizing business value for your organization in the form of increased participation, return visits, referrals and time on-site:

More information about each of the Platform capabilities is provided below.


Leaderboards can be set up in flexible ways allowing your audience to compete over multiple periods to suit the game experience and engagement strategy you want to deliver.



Our discussion boards provide a social location where your audience can trash talk, discuss the game and debate happenings at the event.



Participants are able to create and join groups, providing them a private area to compete against friends, compare scores and chat.


Groups are a terrific tool to maintain engagement over time as participants will continue to compare scores amongst their peers even if the top positions on overall leaderboards are out of reach.  Groups also provide a method for players to invite their social networks to join the game, dramatically increasing how the game is spread.


Achievements add status and recognition for your audience, based on their accomplishments and performance.


Achievements are another tool to keep your audience engaged over time, and give your participants additional goals to work towards.  Acheivements are your strongest tool to impact how people participate in the game, and to motivate them to participate more than they might naturally.


The PlayAction Platform supports stand-alone registration as well as integration with your own audience authentication system.  In addition the Platform can authenticate users against other third-party social media systems such as Facebook, incorporating additional community into your games.  You may also define additional information capture during the registration process such as opt-ins for sponsors and other demographic information capture.


Notifications are a powerful way to keep your audience engaged during the game experience.  Notifications include email alerts and social media alerts (i.e. “Post to Wall”) that continue to drive your audience back to the games and remind them to return to your site, week in and week out.

Game Management

The PlayAction Platform provides game management as well as standard web reporting tools to display audience behaviour and web activity for your review.

Game Mangement


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